My Work

Website page creation

Created a new site page with multiple columns and added the page to the menu navigation.

A website page was created to highlight the types of course materials covered in the leadership course. In addition an mockup image was created for the page body and button added to lead off page to the registration link.  

Blog updates

Timely blog content posted to the website with related images.

A related image was created for the blog header image and the in body post image. The button text and link was updated and body copy was formatted and added to the blog post.  

Marketing Automation: Lead Nurture Workflow

HubSpot workflow build to nurture leads through the customer journey

A full lead nurture workflow was created in HubSpot CRM in order to nurture warm leads through the lead pipeline in an effort to convert the lead to a customer. This workflow entailed numerous if/then statements to effectively personalize the customer journey. 

Website Development

WordPress website build with blog and contact form pages

The LeadHer website was built on the WordPress CMS with Divi Elegant themes builder. Complete with form integration in the footer of this website, this build was completed in just 3 short weeks with the initial first three blog posts published. View the live site for full functionality.

Social Media Copy

Linkedin copy to draw attention to website changes on Creative License website

The Linkedin post was created to feature Creative License in Hartford, WI. This was to begin to introduce the #artgnome campaign and get signups to their Art Summer Camps.

Email Copy

Crossrope email copy for Mother’s day 

Email Copy

This email was created with full branding services. Utilizing brand guidelines and emulating the website copy, this email drove clicks to the Get Fit Bundle page on The Crossrope website. 

Website Content

Leddy Law Landing Page 

Leddy Law Landing Page

This landing page was one that I created from scratch. Not knowing about professional license defense I researched, did full keyword research, and created the content for this landing page to generate traffic towards this lawyer’s website. 

Blog Copy

A blog post about telehealth visit tips.

Blog Copy Example

All copy including images was created by me and added to the client’s website with proper SEO to drive traffic.

Blog Page Creation and Blog Copy

Creation of a blog page & blog copy for videography.

Kim Brattain Media Blog Page

A blog page was created with the WordPress theme design and blog posts were added to the page. I ensured the blog posts had the site design with typography and added the page header image.

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